About us



Thanks for visiting our website. We are Oliver and Chloe. We are a couple in our early 30s who saved a little money, took a career break and have spent the last 12 months traveling around the globe. We have noticed whilst travelling that there is plenty of information for the gap year student traveler on bargain shoe string budgets (and we’re not knocking that). There are also endless offerings for the package tour customer but less for the independent traveller.

Not everyone wants to sleep in a dorm or can afford, or might not want to have everything planned for them. Whilst traveling we have found ourselves caught between two stools. And we hope our experience can help others like us.

Everyone’s first port of call for information these days is the Internet and it is full to bursting with travel advice. We followed quite a lot of it but realised that you don’t always need to heed it to the letter. We have collated a sensible guide to world travel that should offer a safe, comfortable trip that doesn’t break the budget.