Just Common Sense

If you don’t want to read the prose here are our common sense tips in a nutshell:

Where to go?

-Anywhere you like, just go, don’t talk about it forever

Itinerary and Planning

-Set a framework of headline places
-Don’t be too rigid
-Weather patterns are changing, don’t worry too much to historical data, although heed major weather events

What to Pack

-Don’t necessarily feel you have to take a rucksack
-Take what you want to wear, not what you have been told you will want to wear
-Don’t over-pack, you can buy most things everywhere
-You can purchase generic medicine pretty much everywhere


-Get good insurance, good cases and don’t be afraid to take tech with you
-If you want to take a good camera take a low key bag to put it in if you feel unsafe
-Take a time-switch, sounds odd but you won’t regret it

Eating and Drinking

-Drink bottled water
-If you wouldn’t eat it at home, why eat it abroad?
-With street food, look for busy local places
-Don’t spend a year eating pizzas and burgers, don’t be scared of local food!


-Get the best travel insurance you can, one that will fly you home from anywhere
-Take a good first aid kit, one that can be handed to a Doctor if required


-Book at least one night in a new city in advance
-Don’t be afraid to negotiate when booking rooms
-Don’t be afraid of hostels, some have private en-suite rooms at great rates
-Live with the locals, try a home stay
-Use TripAdvisor wisely


-Ask you hotel/guesthouse if they can offer a free transfer from the airport/station
-Get local buses for short journeys
-For longer journeys book the most comfortable bus you can afford
-In some countries flights are similar prices to buses or trains
-However don’t miss the scenery by flying everywhere
-Cash is king, everything miraculously becomes cheaper when you offer to pay with it

Safety and Security

-Take a low key bag or rucksack
-Be aware of people who approach you, use the been here for weeks, leaving tomorrow line
-If you’re going somewhere edgy go with a local
-Look confident, walk with purpose even if you’re lost
-Watch your drink and don’t touch drugs
-If someone tells you an attraction is closed, go and check for yourself if you know it should be open

-Don’t be so scared that you don’t have fun!


-Pay for as much as you can in cash
-Take US Dollars, they are accepted pretty much everywhere
-Carry small denominations of currency
-Don’t be stuck with lots of cash on exit, run your money down accordingly
-Get a zero foreign exchange debit and credit card
-Use a savings account wisely in conjunction with your credit card

-Don’t ever change money at airports!

Responsible Travel

-Ask before taking photos
-Respect local customs
-Don’t buy heirlooms
-Don’t haggle over 10p
-Use responsible tour companies