Common Sense First Aid Kit

This is the contents of the lifesystems pack (by N.Bond)
1 packet of anti-diarrhoea tablets
1 packet of paracetamol
1 packet of ibuprofen
hygienic wipes
A small roll of duct tape

2 Medium (12cm x 12cm) Dressing – Sterile & unmedicated
1 White open woven bandage (7.5cm x 5cm)
1 Sterocrepe cotton crepe bandage (5cm x 4.5cm)

1 Adhesive fabric dressing strip (4cm x 100cm)
1 packet of steri-strips containing 3 strips (036cm x 0.75cm)
1 roll of Zinc Oxide tape (1.25cm x 500cm)
1 roll of Microporous tape (1.25cm x 500cm)
6 small safety pins
1 small pair of round nose scissors
1 pair of tweezers

2 0.6mm x 25mm needles (21g x 1 TW)
2 0.6mm x 40mm needles (23g x 1 ½ TW)
1 1.1mm x 40mm needle (19g x 1 1/ TW)
1 0.5mm x24mm needle(25g x 15/16 TW)
1 Medi-Cath Intravenous needle 3mm x 45mm 96ml/min
2 2ml syringes
2 5ml syringes
1 10ml syringe
1 Thumb scalpel
1 Nonabsorbable Braided Silk Suture and needle 45cm long 3-0 2 metric

2 Pairs of large Vinyl Examination gloves

Reusable thermometer
Primary care & travel health guide